Christy Lynn Band ‘Checkin In’ : Effectively ending up in a top-shelf export of musical honor.

Christy Lynn Band

Innocence and relativity, delivery with cat-like revelry; cutting through the bull, that scuttlebutts the rational. Rationing emotive juxtapositions of love and loss, in a prodigiously relative height of acceptance, is where ‘Checkin In’ provides that zest for living.

With absolutely engaging lyrical expressions, with cherry on top folk honesty from Christy’s vocals, the construction of ‘Checkin In’ delivers with a pow-wow of ample and gladiator-y attitudes in combatting ill-will heart aches of such human scales.

Christy Lynn Band has been a staple in the local circuit for the past several years, and at long last, the rousing group is officially announcing the release of their debut album ‘Sweetheart of the Radio’, which will be coming out on vinyl and CD, along with a proper digital release all streaming platforms on April 3, 2020.

From the languid and inspirationally raw grit of classic folk, Christy Lynn Band, bandies about with genuine encores for what they’d deem fun, inviting, and thought provoking.

The band is unique in its own soup of ingredients, effectively ending up in a top-shelf export of musical honor.

Christy Lynn Band is: Ryan Schilling, Christy Barrett, Kenan Hopkins and Chris Duggins.


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