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Chuck Shadow – Trash Ft. Leksy (Original Mix)

Love ‘Trash’ by CHUCK SHADOW. So nostalgic. So invasive. So naughty. It is in the best tradition of deep grungy bass, highly pertinent lyrics, and perfect voice for the protagonist, that we seek like daisies. Club music that keeps you on the floor till the DJ tells you otherwise. That is CHUCK SHADOW and the Los Angeles based artist’s single drives us crazy (in a good way). Heck. Just enjoy this fab-ness.

La Marée and Eckul – Into The Sky

Seattle’s La Marée teams up with Eckul to bring into focus ‘Into The Sky’. Atmospheric, with nu-metal sensibilities, La Marée’s vocals dictate with gentle flaps of angelic wings, guiding each word and exposition. The song brings bounce and frame of though to the massively understated and decadent production.

Sterling Grove – Belonging Feat. Monsoonsiren

STERLING GROVE takes analog and repurposes them into penetrating and numbing sonic experiences. The heart can often yearn with impeccable nutrition with their songs, as the numbing aptitudes for life is realized with awe and understanding. ‘Belonging’ comes at us with synth and emotions that entangle with a notion for pride and footprint – eerie, haunting, but undeniably poignant and mysterious.

GotSome – Plastic On Acid ft Roxanne Shante

Yea? Heck yea you’re here, on this floor, waiting for your limbs to pop and lock. GotSome’s ‘Plastic On Acid’ is a beautifully classic destination. Your destination into a new world. Adam Gorsky is GotSome and the DJ/producer knows how to put on a good time. The house/drum-bass facilitator has got it goin’ on with vocalist Roxanne Shante on the words and putting down the right vibes. Said Adam: “I spent the day listening to old Fast Eddie and Tyree Cooper records and watching Juice Crew videos from the late 80’s. Then I locked myself in the studio for a few days with a 303 and this is what happened. Also that night I had a mad dream about working with Roxanne Shante after watching her documentary film. Dreams can come true! Here’s Plastic on Acid – Bringing Hip House back for 2019.”

Thomas Nan ft. Nacha – Feel It

Thomas Nan continues to push the envelope as his single ‘Feel It’ featuring Nacha is a grooving EDM spectacular, speckled with ambience and diametrically subversive beats. The ‘gottya’ vibes echo with top tier ecstasy as Nacha’s delectable vocals make it rain with satisfaction.


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