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Church Girls Shares ‘Just Like You’. “Will Be Ripped Up By, And Into Shreds”.

This fabulous indie-rock-pop band is glorious to listen to and ‘Just Like You’ comes at the dawn of time when you were there, with her, in hand – in hand – loving life – loving to live.

And the circumstances are dictated by the fashion of your connection to her.

She drives you mad, for she’s so beautiful.

She helps you to be motivated, for she’s just so inspiring.

You wanted to be like her.

You wanted to merge into her, as you’d always desired.

But it was just your imagination, and you thoroughly accepted that premise.

Then she opened her mouth towards you. That beautiful mouth of chainsaw strong teeth of death.

The rows of teeth, your heart will be ripped up by, and into shreds.

But you didn’t care. You don’t care.

“I’ll do whatever I want with my heart. It’s mine after all.”

Mariel Beaumont writes majority of the songs and we really dig her writing direction with her songs. Poignant but very creative, direct but instinctively painted in significance – the words pop out and read like a mini-short story, telling of tales of personal degridations, short comings, and mild infatuations.

Page turners, we say.

The Phili based band consists of: Mariel Beaumont, Michael Liszka, Joseph Wright, and Will Schwarz.



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