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Ciarra Fragale – On Your Mind

“Why do you not miss me, as you should?” Ciarra Fragale’s On Your Mind is a haunting rendition to the self induced torture about and for love. There is nothing that is more hurtful, frustrating, and infuriating – than being tossed aside, forgotten, and ignored.

After all, no matter how large or strong we may seem – we are all delicate flowers. And sometimes those flowers are thrown out onto that imaginary side walk – trampled by that ever present love lost.

“I’d been a fool,” he said to himself, sitting there in the sunshine, quietly by the beach.
The squawks of the birds, broke the wind’s howling sounds.
It was therapeutic for him.
“I’d been a fool to let her go.”
That moment, just like many other moments, he day dreamed about their past relationship together. Simple touches, got to him most.
His memory of her scent, her skin was fading in the ever forward procession of time.
He missed her.
He couldn’t stop himself from crying.
“I miss you.”

It’s sensual, fragile, understated.

But at the same time, it’s strong and asks the right questions.

It attempts to heal that wound.

But the wound is still open, not yet scabbed and still fresh.

There’s salvation though.

Where? Who knows.

Let’s walk together.

Ciarra’s sensibility was gloriously obvious and apparent to us from the beginning of this song. Her vocals are so very genuine and honest. It’s hard to keep your ears off of her presentation.

Her emotional descriptions to each word/lyric, is finely crafted – touching hearts on the way.

It’s a beautiful song.

We really dig Ciarra, and we think you should too.




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