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Cicerone Dead – Them

“Don’t catch me if you want, but try to pretend.” Cicerone Dead’s Them is a melodic indie-rock love song. Yep. A love song. It’s dedicated to the ones who are thinking that they are ‘down and out’. But love is there and maybe it’ll spurn you, but try. Do try.

Well, they’re not ‘down and out’. Circulation still persists. The game is still on.

And that’s for all of us to be and thinking of that round-about.

Yes. Which exit should we get off?

No. Don’t get off that exit.

That one is going south. That’s a no.

That one is going west. Kinda wishy, washy.

That one is going south-east? What da!

Jack and Fiona’s musical idiosyncrasies are delectable. If they want to present ‘awkwardness’ in a song – they do it. If they want to switch off as primary vocal in a song – they do it. If they want to play an instrumental – they just do it.

Why exist? They ask.

But they have music to make.

That’s good enough.

And we’re glad they do.

‘Them’ is off of their 10 song album ‘Perpetual Care’ – which dropped in November. The album pulls one in all directions, but it comes back to Jack and Fiona’s sensibilities.

That we dig. Lots.

Kudos you two. Kudos.



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