Cindy Gravity ‘I Kissed Her Twice’ : As the soft goodness, stamps memories into your brain.

Cindy Gravity

“This is our second single. we’ve been called ‘a bit weird, but catchy’. We’re from the south of Germany and embrace the lofi/DIY sound and philosophy.” Cindy Gravity is a psychedelic pop trio. A drum machine, pitched vocals, surfy guitars, nifty bass-lines and drowsy keys create hazy lo-fi tunes for your daily daydreaming needs.

Made up of member Fritzgerald, TomTom, and Austin Solarium, ‘I Kissed Her Twice’ is a literal-alternative narrations of frustrations and acceptance. The sultry vibes of the key strokes, and synth glitches, guide you through a similar symmetry of gumption and relaxation. A contradiction for what you are and what you can become, degrade with absolution for a lust that may or may-not-be. The world swirls faster and faster, as the soft goodness, stamps memories into your brain, forever and ever.

Kissing, made real.

Quite a trip offering from the trio, indeed.


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