Cindy Gravity ‘Rocket Men’ (Video) : Drizzling indie-rock apparition of nuances, drip like candle wax.

Cindy Gravity

Rocket Men is the third single by Cindy Gravity. It features additional vocals by Ella Estrella Tischa.

The Video features 2D Animations by Benedikt Hummel. And with it a hammer-fall of sentiments, confusing but enlightening, tales off into a darkened forest edge. There the eyes weep into a ball of comfort creatures – decadent and decisive. Mix and Master by Jonas Bolle, Cindy Gravity’s drizzling indie-rock apparition of nuances, drip like candle wax. It’s a visceral experience.

Cindy Gravity is a psychedelic pop trio. A drum machine, pitched vocals, surfy guitars, nifty basslines and drowsy keys create hazy lofi tunes for your daily daydreaming needs.



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