City Calm Down Shares ‘Pride’ (Official Video).

Clashing up across the heaven’s iron clad gates, there was certainly a doubt in mind. The days gone by instilled in tawdriness and haste. The sounds of madness, calmed down with the hesitation that dwelled. The well of resistance started, “I will not belong here. I will escape to normal-ness and the chaotic.” The civil war which was brewing, had come to a solid red line. An inch separated the cool drab of pungent stench of promised love. Can it be fulfilled? What would be the ratio? That gate beckoned her every cell. A hand outstretched suddenly from the clouds of ecstasy – perceived, profound, unmistakable. “Come with me. Be with me.” With shivers she stretched out her hands towards those vascular limbs.

“Stop. I cannot. I WILL not fold.”

‘Pride’ is City Calm Down’s third new single from their album Echoes In Blue.

The song “Explores the feelings of lashing out at loved ones due to personal insecurities and pushing them away without explaining why,” stated front man Jack Bourke.

“Echoes In Blue is not concerned with answering questions as much as it is with asking them. It is interested in the reality of being spread too thin, of being unable to shut out the noise, where we’re told to buy a house, with a mountain of debt, and do what we love, to be passionate and driven, whilst also making enough time for our wife or husband, boyfriend or girlfriend, for our children, parents and friends. Has life ever been more exciting or more artificial? Why are we so connected yet feel so alone? Perhaps, in all this excitement, we forget to be bored and examine ourselves a little more closely. Or maybe we should just embrace the rage.”

CCD will return to the UK for a long line of shows including: The Great Escape Festival, Gold Sounds Festival.

They’re rep’ed by IOHYOU.



17 Brighton The Great Escape
20 Leeds Gold Sounds
21 Glasgow King Tuts
23 Manchester Deaf Institute
24 London The Borderline
25 Amsterdam London Calling: Paradiso
26 Hamburg Nochtwache
28 Berlin Privatclub

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