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City Calm Down shares captivating ‘Joan, I’m Disappearing’ (Official Video).

City Calm Down shares their new single ‘Joan, I’m Disappearing’ off of the upcoming April 6th album, ‘Echoes in Blue’. The heavy hearted vocals in tune with the emotive digital sounds and atmosphere, beautifully suspects the continuity in human angers, confusion, loneliness, relegation to nothingness. The video is handsomely done with short-film expertise – telling of a story, that might or might not have happened millions of times through time.

A fond memory can be bland. A memory of distress and triumph, could be one’s savior.

“Recking the walls of platitudes and desires, despite Napoleonic jealousies aptly pull my darkening heart along this beaten path of life. What is that beyond the graven hills, green within tan, sulking in the mellowness of the downtrodden, absorbing the disparity. It’s an unfair assessment in the juncture of life. Mine, yours, for others. Mention the name of captured frames, within minds afloat, un-catchable for it is ether. The hands shrivel with ineffectiveness. The eyes close in abject poverty. The soul cleansed, and ready for the next chapter – no matter the striding costs.” – CHF

City Calm Down has a reason why it’s been one of Australia’s biggest breakthrough. There is reason why the sometimes daunting subjects, cling to the ears, through the sticky hooks of Jack Bourke’s sullen notes.

In 2016, the band saw much affection for from their new fans with awards, grants, tour funding, and Triple J’s cover segment.

Now, they’re putting out their new record ‘Echoes in Blue’.

If the first two singles weren’t a signal, nothing will be.

We can’t wait for the full drop.

Band consists of: Jack Bourke, Sam Mullaly, Jeremy Sonnenberg, and Lee Armstrong.

Buy [HERE] or [HERE]



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