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Song Of The Day! CIVILIANA Shares Bound and Exhilarating Single ‘Melt’.

Lindsay Elliott

As different as it sounds, CIVILIANA’s single ‘Melt’ is the perfect connection between decades of rock, and of the future possibilities of the now. The glamorously chic single from their 3 part musical arc, is the final piece that solidifies the excellence it offers.

Beginning with ‘Carry A Light’ and ‘Void’, this bound and exhilarating single ‘Melt’ is the final blow to introspection in failure in the peace and tranquility of relationships and the inevitable self-destruction that is left in its wake.

The alt-rock dark-pop, broods with anger, but never over emphasizes with it. The song is classically offered, with pungent and purposeful marching, that sets the stage for an altercation of deathly proportions. The inner workings of a man or woman, is diabolically presented in a raw and visceral vernacular in song.

Sexiness is the middle name of this song.

And it’s fabulous.

Calen Trentini, the band’s lead vocalist and drummer stated: “Since our teenage years, we have always been intrigued by the unique textures and sounds of electronic music in our favorite tracks. ‘Melt’ was inspired in part by the film ‘Drive’, which captivated us with its electronic-heavy soundtrack. ‘Melt’ shows our influence and love of electronic music while also incorporating our alternative rock roots with tight instrumentals to lock the listener into a continual groove.”

The 4 piece band from Canada kicks it up a notch with ‘Melt’: A thought on intransigent meanings, within an unholy suffering, all framed by the bones of our mind.

It’s a decadently constructed pleasure to listen to.

CIVILIANA consists of: Calen Trentini (Drums/Lead Vocals), Adam Wilson (Guitar/Vocals), Spencer Daley (Bass/Guitar/Keys), and Daniel Ponich (Guitar/Keys/Percussion).



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