Clara Strauch ‘Wayward Home’ : A cross roads of Clara’s style and architecture that assumes none, and offers so much.

Clara Strauch / Photo: @olofgrind at VästmanlandsTeater

‘Jupiter’ is the second album of Swedish/American singer-songwriter Clara Strauch. Striking, lasting, inviting, involved – single, ‘Wayward Home’ deliberates with unaccounted emphasis about a story of the world, but focused on one soul’s experience and tribulations.

Said Clara: “Over the past years I’ve created a folk musical called ‘Wayward Home’. It’s inspired by Noah’s Ark, and is about a woman – Anna – who loses her entire life in a flood. Anna sings this song as she floats on the Ark – watching a flooded earth.

The song “came out of my own journey as a bicultural artist, during a time when I lost my sense of home and suffered a great loss. I think that grief was too much to sing as “Clara”, so I made the character “Anna” and “Wayward Home” in order to express it. And with everything going on in the world today, a drowned earth feels…relevant.”

Warm and hearty, the story telling abilities of Clara’s understanding and methods to process, is wholly delivered in a ‘story book’ vibe that collapses successfully, the normalization of the genre. A mixture of lullaby incantations, dot the star ridden skies of the chapters, and embraces your attention, with bite sized encroachments.

The album ‘Jupiter’ delights in this fascination. A cross roads of Clara’s style and architecture that assumes none, and offers so much.


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