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Clare Maguire – Elizabeth Taylor

Clare Maguire’s voice on Elizabeth Taylor is divine. It’s just like floating through cloud 9, while on top of an a warming breeze on the sandy white beach- head over heels in love.

“Do you see me?”

“Do you love me?”

“Do you hear me?”

“You do love me…”

Whether this song is about tragedy or about the love of a lifetime, it’s of no consequence. The delivery and the vocals just does it for us. And her fans, we’re sure, will fully agree.

There’s nothing like feeling loved, and being loved. It’s an island we don’t want to get off of. Anything is accepted. Nothing is offensive. Love is all.

The actress, Elizabeth Taylor, was beautiful. Clare is also very beautiful, in her own right, for her talent, story telling, and way of connecting.

She’s firmly within the POP category, but just like us here at CHF, please get on board and give her songs a shot.

We think she’s that good and entertaining.

Kudos Clare. Kudos.



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