Clare Maguire Shares New Single & Video for ‘All Or Nothing Love’ (Official Video).

When things get rough, and time seems to go too fast. And during the time when we don’t seem to have the control. When we are out and about and we seem to be weak. There’s always Clare Maquire and ‘All Or Nothing Love’. Don’t let go. Don’t give up. There exists a bubbling tiger within your mind and soul. Let’s do it together. We might be nervous. And it might be unintended pastures.

“But I have confidence in US.”

Clare has that tinge of rebel, a tinge of country ‘get your hands dirty and get things done’, and that tinge of collective azure of color in her vocals that brighten up any painted wall in your heart.

‘All Or Nothing Love’ feels very retro. But it’s very modern.

Either case, it’s the tale of a story that has been told a zillion times – but it never gets old.

For each individual case, individual mind, individual heart crosses the length of life’s sandy beaches – in a different and untouched patch of microscopic grains of rock. Molded and shaped by the millenniums of time and souls passed, that love we hold secure in our fingers – although delicate – can be solidified and strengthened.

Together. Forever, in our time.

In our Universe.

One more grain of rock, added to the story.

The song is produced by Jim Eliot (Olly Murs, Kylie Minogue, Leona Lewis, Ellie Goulding).

The new album is scheduled to be released later in 2018.


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