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Claws are clawing: Waymo and Lyft to partner up on autonomous driving. Judge says let Uber take a look.

The intensity with which the autonomous driving market and market leaders are clawing at each other is getting, fiercer and fiercer. Recently Waymo (division of Alphabet, which is parent to Google) said it will hold hands in partnership with Lyft, the “other” taxi service. Lyft is the biggest rival to Uber’s own taxi service in the US.

Right now, Waymo had filed suit against Uber for corporate espionage, i.e. taking a top engineer/executive and with it, preseumably, 14,000 or so ‘vital’ and proprietary documents.

Uber said “no way, Jose” and said that it was just Waymo trying to ‘delay’ Uber’s awesome self driving technology from advancing quicker into market.

Uber quickly sued Waymo to see what’s up with the latest hand holding between Lyft.

In the end, a Judge granted Uber that:
“..Lyft’s motion for a protective order and to quash the subpoenas. This means Lyft won’t have to provide any sworn testimony or share its internal documents with rival Uber. However, a judge has ordered Waymo to turn over its documents related to the deal.”

Waymo has until July 13 to comply, with the Judge’s order.



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