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CLAY // Hollowlove // Jordan Max // Sara Diamond // Saga Back

CLAY – Orange

“I wanted to write a song about Donald Trump, and this is what came into fruition. It has since taken on so many additional meanings. The color orange is often associated with joy, light and happiness, and to me, given the current social climate, through all the hate, discrimination and injustice, these sentiments are hard to feel. This song is meant to be sung with two middle fingers up and a big smile on your face, as sometimes all you can do is either laugh or cry. While writing it, I did both.” CLAY is the indomitable singer/songwriter from San Francisco, whom continues to make her mark in the field, with singles like ‘Orange’, driven with irresistible pop elements and harmonies, tinted with subject matter, that invigorates her creative senses. She’s a beautiful communicator, for those times when we need an interpreter of the heart.

Hollowlove – Everything Falls In Line

‘Everything Falls In Line’ is a 9 minute epic (radio edited here in 4 minutes) from the duo project of HOLLOWLOVE. Keith Gillard and Ryan Slemko of Fidgital drives a wedge between this world and that, with an unrelenting notion of possibilities, denoted into each and every beat, to beat, to beat. The band stated that “Ryan took the idea of climbing in a different direction, writing lyrics that are uplifting, celebratory of the little things in life that make it worth living.” Fantasy, fueling the energies of the here and now. Pure ethereal bliss.

Jordan Max – Kingdom

Thinking about the life that she was leading, she paused once more on that dace floor. Out of the blue, her thoughts of matrimonial bliss with the gods of love and lust, came rushing over her shoulder blades, sharpened with the raw emotions of emotion-less season. Until he stood in front of her, physically – profoundly. ‘Kingdom’ is off of JORDAN MAX’s 2nd EP ‘Tales Of Us’. Beautiful as always.

Sara Diamond – Stop Pretending

SARA DIAMOND said of single ‘Stop Pretending’: “My brain had a lot of processing to do over the past year. When fantasy meets reality type vibes. “Stop Pretending” is a representation of that time – somewhat scattered in direction, very visceral and sexually driven… playing with ideas of love, loss, lust, and everything in between.” Don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Don’t let Sara pass you by. Don’t let love pass you by.

Saga Back – There You Go… Again

The magnetic vocals of 19 year old singer/songwriter/artist SAGA BACK from Gothenburg Sweden melts the heart which had been frozen from love’s harsh treatments. ”It’s about realizing that the relationship you’re in is mentally destructive and getting yourself out of it,” the intrepid artist stated. “I wrote this song during and after such a relationship, in a way to help myself understand that I am worth more.” Word. Repeat.


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