Cliff Gilman ‘So I’ll Go’ : Remaining in our minds, and suggesting the best of times.

Brings the purity of mankind, into a digestible contrast.

Cliff Gilman

From his debut album ‘The Silence Between’, folk singer/songwriter Cliff Gilman’s genuine vibes of loss and wane within a life, delivers with beautifully paced anthem for the personal, individual, and of the privately decadent.

A longing is what we do. It’s that comfortable place of respite, remaining in our minds, and suggesting the best of times, in a younger age. A solemn visit to a pace of the good ol’ days where things seemed to have been a bit different.

The chaos of life, in a modern world, takes up much of the bandwidth to survive and aims to thrive. A song like ‘So I’ll Go’, is a recharge to a battery that is longing to better for the future, and all of the responsibilities that come with it.

A preyer of sorts, in the most private of kinds, ‘So I’ll Go’ brings the purity of mankind, into a digestible contrast, to bear.

Looking forward to more.



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