Climate Zombies ‘Fool’ : Fall in love with a person that does not exist

Climate Zombies

Climate Zombies is Ola Stålebrink and Lasse Ugarph. In the most recent tracks Lasse is the singer but sometimes the singing parts is performed by their friends Marcus, Mia, and Annette.

About ‘Fool’: “The story is about this friend that always fall in love with a person that does not exist or is unreachable. Inspired by the 80’s sound of synthpop.”

The music is inspired by the 80s but with a modern touch. The first ever made song “We Are Climate Zombies” was in march 2019. The first song was an experiment and resulted in the song “We Are Climate Zombies” and was published on Youtube.

The audience liked it and wanted it on the streaming services. We had no band name and did not know that we would make more songs. So in the field band name in lack of fantasy we wrote ‘Climate Zombies’ and the rest is history.


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