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Cloks Tik // Walt Disco // Spaceshack // CAVEPARTY // Taylor Knox

Cloks Tik – Oh Eyes Melt

Out of the best traditions of bands like The CURE and Nine Inch Nails, comes CLOKS TIK’s single ‘Oh Eyes Melt’. An alt-rock offering where the mischievous wrangling of life and love, meld into a chapter of supposition in thought. The pop oriented single boasts slabs of mysterious vocals, rendering alternate Universes, then pasting lyrical rhymes in an art-gothic sonic vernacular. Distortions of sound and story, dangle in the myst of CLOKS Tik’s aura and airy proposals. The industrial expositions in the music adds another layer of opposition to emotions that bother and never seem to resolve. But do we really want it to resolve, when the gritty and grating song writing bashes you gently into a bloody mess? Of course not. You like the pain, don’t ya?? Dig. CLOKS TIK is Pascal Sontag and Bernhard Skupin. They paint

Walt Disco – Strange To Know Nothing

Vocals as distinctly presented as Peter Garrett of MIDNIGHT OIL, within a frame of David Bowie-like lyrical antics, WALT DISCO is the ‘My Chemical Romance’ of such theatrical eminence. The flamboyance and decadence dance and waft through the band’s single ‘Strange To Know Nothing’ in a valid and pompadour shedding experience. Chaos isn’t the order of the day, but it is only the ingredient unto which the day turns into delicious night. The band stated: “‘Strange To Know Nothing’ is about the conflict many people have had when they feel stuck in a relationship. The feeling that they should seek excitement from someone else. But there is still something about the love that you already have that makes you feel sexy, freaky and strange…” Day into night, where we want solace of confidence and reformation of our normal and menial lives. See WALT DISCO next on June 14th at Isle of Wight Festival in the UK.

Spaceshack – Trailblazer

Desire to be with the one you truly love. Desire to be next to the one you’d always wanted to love. But you sit here at the edge of the beach, on a rock that might as well be existing on the moon. You ponder. By yourself. By your lonesome. Trying your best to deliver unto your senses a kind of justification for why you’d become such a ‘loser’. A ‘loser’ of the one thing…that someone you’d cherished so much, for so long. Right through your fingers like sand. “I’m an idiot,” you murmured to yourself. The off-int-the distance horizon had no soft and encouraging words to say to you. But you stared at it for a long, long time. No reply. No reply, for the stupid thing you’d done to the one. “I’m an idiot…” Jam band from Monroe, NY, SPACESHACK knows how to depict emotions in their rock, jazz, blues, experimental ways. Gently packaging notoriety of personal stories into an overarching message of lessons, the does their best to connect and bring new thoughts and sounds to the fore. ‘Trailblazer’ sets a certain tone and it triggers new imaginations into effect (just like it did in this review). And to be honest: if you think about it, it’s a fab way to listen to music, don’t you think? We sure think so.


Miru Song, Ric Ulloa, Liam Crosbie, and Josh Grant offer some ‘song for thought’ through a single like ‘Beautiful’. MUSE like entry into this dream-pop shoe-gazy pop-rock affluence is what you needed if you wanted to feel like floating. Floating? Yes. Like helium filled balloons of bubbles, effervescent and tasty. The mix of prog-rock elements and driving hard-rock faculties make ‘Beautiful’ a cornerstone representative of how good the single really is. A profound poignancy, and dare we say it, ‘honesty’, keeps calling back at the back of this song’s lyrics. But it’s not a daisy at all, for it explodes into a frantic Radiohead-like guitar frenzy that gets your senses sharpened in thoughts of seduction and palatial intrigue. The labyrinth of the mind reels into satisfaction, as the walls of the trapped, collapse, like dancing ballerinas do so well. The Liverpool based quartet digs into their craft and we all should be glad they are, for the time has come to open up and reveal our vulnerabilities then squeeze it for every ounce of joy. CAVEPARTY provides the means. Let’s do dis. Their debut EP drops August 2019.

Taylor Knox – Live it Up

Off of his upcoming sophomore album, ‘Here Tonight’ (June 7th) comes this little diddy named ‘Live It Up’. The PSA-vibe single for the ‘young-at-heart’, thrills at the sight of asking us to kick things into high gear, so that the world can be absorbed and loved. TAYLOR KNOX is based out of Toronto and he’s a creature of the night. And as he professes, the night inspires him to be the kind of musician and artist that he has always deemed a sequential part of his evolution. ‘Not wasting’ time and efforts is the theme of his LP, and ‘Live It Up’ is the crying anthem to surge forward and truly embrace your cause for life. Whether being inspired by the ‘silence’ of the night to be productive; or whether being inspired to be the party animal that you intrinsically are – go at it 100%. Taylor’s your biggest fan. ‘Live It Up’ is your call to action.


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