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Closing State Shares The Doldrums of Life And Self-Liberty in Single ‘Too Easy’. Or Something Like That.

“Watching Grass Grow.” That is a task. A big task. And sometimes, in a relationship, it’s just like watching grass grow…slowly…frustratingly…and many times unassumingly. It sneaks up on you. It sneaks up on you, both. Is it worth the while? Is it a two way street? Don’t know. And TBH, many of us don’t care when bliss is in the air, right? This is where Closing State’s ‘Too Easy’ comes in and well, opines something that that effect.

It’s a short dab of a song.

But we thought worth while because it surely delves in the ‘shortness’ of our humanly tempers, emotional fallacies, and manic depressive symptoms silently endured. The song indicatively (at least for us) is what we feel huddled up in our beds going through all the good parts of the relationship, then fall prey to the bad parts of the relationship we hated and loathed.

The darkness of the room (although light outside) was an amenity we desired at that moment.

The darkness and silence was a comfort, in the Universe created by you.

There was no escape.

And it was Okay with you, that you’d fallen victim to that cauldron of self pity.

It was a warm bath. Temperature was just right.

Closing State consists of: Kyle Baillargeon and Christian Hanover.

The Niagara Falls (New York) duo seems to be a band of little words. But we feel their plight. Most of all, we see their aim with the little ditties with understated vocals. It seems to be art.

We hope it blooms to where they want the art to go.


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