Cloud Factory ‘Amnesia’ : Digs up cool sounds, packed with postpunk pleasures. Yo.

Cloud Factory

‘Amnesia’ is the opening single for Cloud Factory’s upcoming July 3rd debut EP ‘Cloud Factory #1’. Cloud Factory is a brand new post-punk/pop band from Toulouse, France, led by lead-singer Alice Cyprine and featuring members of Cathedrale and Noir City.

Along with Ben, Bruno, Robin and Romain, they dig up cool sounds like this in ‘Amnesia’ – packed with postpunk pleasures – to satisfy the most demanding of listeners. Utilizing all of the very best facets of the genre, Cloud Factory doesn’t mince words (nor notes) to get you that satisfaction, indeed.

Fluffy deliciousness, gather over the castle walls, of your endearing but old-fated imagination.

So, let’s dance. Because ‘Amnesia’ is rad, and it’s your living room.



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