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Cloud Hats // Poor Reflection // Youngest of Elders // Ambein Sloth // The Missionaries

Cloud Hats – Always Mine

Four friends Gustavo Cruz, Jesse Rodriguez, Nardos Girma, and Beti Girma call CLOUD HATS as their creative home. A place to give their musical directions a place to flourish. With inspiration coming from many different directions, the band funnels their passions and emotive narrations, and places them onto a delicate but hearty folk infused musical extravaganza. Each member has a story to tell, with diverse musical & cultural backgrounds. And with that kind of mix, the lyrics pop from the pages on which they breathe. The band plays all parts in the Sacramento area, and has released their debut EP. It is available now.

Poor Reflection – Free

With a breezy gusto, POOR REFLECTION, takes his emotions and puts it up on the wall for all to hear and absorb. From the dainty licks of the guitar to the 19 year old’s songwriting deft, the artist from Canada, propels justly and steadily in this single ‘Free’. His words come off as aloof and maybe unjustified in its tone. But it’s the depth of his angst about the world that is compelling to the ears. The contrast from upbeat to the melancholic optimism that brings notice to the song. At the end, with no resolution, the notes just hang – as does the hypothesis.

Youngest of Elders – Fiction

San Francisco based YOUNGEST OF ELDERS focuses on the fears of the unknown in future vs. the nostalgic relativism we all seek in our dreams. The mix of alt-rock and pop elements, give the guitar licks a standing of order. The sound builds a confident summation of a life that could have been, and maybe how that life is. Both dimensions connect in a surreal mess. But from ‘Fiction’ it just feels like there’s a method to life’s chaos – on a personal and macro view. The thoughtful and envisioning lyrics of YOE, makes the time go by, a bit quicker, as we all travel through the tunnel of fortunes and bumps. The band is made up of Jesse Gale and Maxx Sherman.

Ambein Sloth – So Long Ago

Music and cartoons. Perfect together. Why? Story telling. Each chapter of a life on those pages of lyrics, or in a comic book, offers the kind of support that is both sonic and visual. It’s the perfect medium. And when songs like ‘So Long Ago’ dangles delight above the charms of the character being built, it’s heaven. The raw and jangly guitar work in this single, propelled posthumously by the galant thrusts of the drums, it seeks out our menial attitudes for life and upgrades like an iPhone certificate. It’s a beautiful thing.

The Missionaries – Mirage

The tickle of the vocals; the psychedelic visions in every high-hat beat – the summation of millennia knowledge filtered into the bodies of THE MISSIONARIES. Like beings from another dimension and time, the band grinds up the jagged edges of form and makes the sun, rain into droplets of humor and delight. ‘Mirage’ is a jammy tune from the Berkeley based rebels, bringing joy through pop and nostalgia. They make some beautiful songs together.


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