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Cloud plans release of new album ‘Plays With Fire’ on March 9th 2018.

Cloud is the project of Tyler Taormina, a multi-faceted and talented artist, expressing his material thoughts and personalized emotions on to audio and visual forms. He will return with ‘Plays With Fire’ a nine song (sophomore album) about ‘optimism’ and ‘greying nostalgia’, March 9th of the year 2018.

The included video in this post is a teaser for the new album.

‘Plays With Fire’ in some sense, continues Cloud’s journeys which he’d started with his debut publication of ‘Comfort Songs’. The tinge of positive, is surely now even ‘larger’ in the upcoming new album, for ‘song by song’, the listener is brought to the pastel and ‘Napoleon Dynamite’ like world of the ‘impossible & possibilities’, dreams-within-dreams, and realities, subtly bent in universal aptitudes. The 3rd person narratives and descriptions, about life, the small, love, and the benevolent dragons of being human, simply delight, and surprise.

It was a happier time, in that plain of user friendly, customer oriented piece of a planet. Chelsie drove up to the drive-through, very hungry, thinking about not missing her dentist appointment. She’d missed that appointment once before and a bit of scolding was done exercised towards her by the head attendant at that office. It wasn’t a pleasant encounter, she reminded herself.
The day was bright, as usual. Phoenix had a way of being so inconvenient in the summer. Dang heat. As part of her thigh stuck to the pleather of her car seat, she drove up to the window. Greeting her was a portly kid with an honest and wide, pimple framed, and kind face. Chelsie chuckled a bit. Smiled. Then ordered.

All wasn’t that bad after all.

Taormina, in our estimation, works like a movie director (director’s reel). His songs are representative of chapters in a book, or in a weekly series (preferably like the Movie Of The Week of bygone era). Glued together with themes and color sprayed by ambience, all expressively pretending and painting the grey skies in story telling – the songs make it something brighter, noticeable and significant (in its own right).

The songs on the upcoming album does his method justice, and is entertainment, that needs the listener’s open interpretations. It is fueled by the cooperation. It lives there and thrives.

It’s a treat.

Anywho, Kudos, Tyler. Kudos.

Dream-pop never sounded more cinematic.

Two singles are planned for release in February (‘Wildfire’ / ‘Two Hands Bound’), with a music video for ‘Wildfire’ in accompaniment, leading up to the album release date.

‘Plays With Fire’ will officially drop March 9th 2018, in Vinyl and Digital formats.

Look for the release and purchase opp [HERE]

Cloud is rep’ed by the folks at Audio Antihero.


Track List

  • Happer’s Laugh
  • Disenchanted
  • Two Hands Bound
  • Oh, So Juvenile
  • Heartfluttered
  • Me, Her & Lavender
  • Wildfire
  • Comet Happer
  • Mary Goes Mad Again


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