CLT DRP ‘Where the Boys Are’ : Lust and love and whatever may come between. Get road-killed.

CLT DRP / Photo: Stewart Gardiner

You just can’t have just one pass. You think of its heavenly memories, and you quiver. That bottom-less pit emotions of just pure grit, lingers in your fibers. It’s his ear lobes. It’s her with black nylon stockings. It’s the dance between your tongues, feeling each other’s taste buds, one by one. It’s his skin on yours; her skin on your surrender.

CLT DRP’s single ‘Where the Boys Are’ is that kind of blend of revival feelings of nihilism chased in grand pleasure of the flesh. A joining of gripping embolisms, palpitating into convulsions of sensible and none; gloating into passive existence of aggression by nature.

It’s a grand plan of punkish glamor, taken to another level of electro metal releasing endorphins of lust and love and whatever may come between.

The three piece based in Brighton UK, delivers a wallop of degradation and excitement in this single. And call this project what you will. Whether it be something between EDM, punk, pop, or other, it sets a live show veneration that communicates clearly and fantastically through studio exhibitions and its fabulous outputs.

Let ‘Where the Boys Are’ seep into your body.

You know you wanna.

Debut LP, ‘Without the Eyes’ drop May 15th.


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