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Club 8 – Swimming With The Tide

Have you ever been exposed to a drip, dripping of soft chimes? The gentle sonic undulations resonated by the constant echoing of down stream water in a pristine creek?

That’s what Club 8’s Swimming With The Tides (part of the new album ‘Golden Island’), is and will be to us.

They still have emotions and tales to tell – for all of us who wants to listen.

With more than 2 decades of pushing out seemingly boundless music, the duo has come back with a new flare of an album: ‘Golden Island’. It’s the 10th album for the two, and contains highlight songs like “Fire”, “Lost”, “Breathe”, plus “Swimming With The Tide”.

What was expected of them was to (just like what we demand of other artists) expand and push the boundaries of what and how they develop their new music.

And from what we have heard, they do – with subtlety.

That’s important, in our estimation.

For in the details, there are big facts. Those big facts are gaps that makes pros excel.

That subtlety SPEAKS volumes.

It’s a big stick, with a soft voice.

Those little changes, evolutions in tune, makes what seemingly non-existent adjustments – turn out to be fabulous movement forward.

Walk into a strange bar and make everyone fall in love with you.
Walk into new horizons, then make it your own slave to that edict.
Tell that party, in your soul, that ‘it’s time’ to move in greater swaths.

‘Golden Island’ sets the ‘new pace’ for the duo. It resets to what matters to them, for their output and communal expectations of their songs.

”Golden Island comes from a different state than our other albums. I’ve not really been living in this world lately”, explains Johan.

Club 8 consists of Karolina Komstedt and Johan Angergård. They’ve travelled together, navigating the music scene, since 1995.

And we love having them, in our local Universe.


Labrador Records January 26, 2018.



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