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Club De Lay Shares ‘Clementine’. “Serenading Both Of You…2018 Style.”

CLUB DE LAY is a band that delights itself in the pop-ness of the melodic 80’s British new-wave scene. And it’s quite a show, for in ‘Clementine’, the 5-piece band demonstrates that they should have been born and playing in the 80’s. Their technique on this single is right on, with synth, guitars, vocals, and mixing, done to the right increments.

The band consists of: Mikko Ahvonen, Teemu Leikas, Aleksi Siimestö, Jami Varonen, and Antti Haiko. They persists with the notion that nothing’s really sacred, and anything pop can be re-done and made, better.

And certainly CLUB DE LAY’s situation in defining what ‘Clementine’ really is, comes to the fore, with dynamic and surprising attributes to take home to mom.

It’s the perfect British-pop ‘date’. She has her gorgeous teased ginger hair, high up on her head, and you have the shoulder pads in that leather jacket, you got for Christmas.

And CLUB DE LAY is in the background, serenading both of you, in the right way – 2018 style.

Fall in love you love birds.




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