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Club Kuru ‘You Want It Bad’ sends us on a tizzy. Tackle me babe, I need it. Touch me there.

Club Kuru’s You Want It Bad sensually messages those hardened neck muscles, and suggests – nay – protests, the urges underneath to come out and play. Should we get to that playground? Should we crumble to that lust, for lust sake?


Our struggles with lust is what it is.

It’s a build up. We quite don’t know how it does build up.

But it hurts, in one’s heart. In one’s mind. All over our body’s muscles.

Daily mores, deem that we control these urges.

Things, externally, are not accepted.

Things, publicly, cannot be recognized.

Things, which only live in our imaginations.

One touch, and we’ll cross that threshold. It’ll be hard to come back.

The pleasure might be too good to ignore.


Let’s re-evaluate.

“Am I not normal?”

“Am I doing the right thing?”

He touches your shoulder, in admired support.

“Yes. It’s right.”

Club Kuru just does this slow paced bellowing, with the right mix and attitude. The 5 piece band is something to hear, listen, and remember.

We dig ’em (again).



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