Clubhouse Shares ‘Haunt You’. “An intimate trance like brooding.”

CLUBHOUSE’s single ‘Haunt You’ is as distinctive as it gets. From organic electronica/EDM, mixed with the shoe-gazy bedroom-pop indie aesthetics, the song comes together in an intimate trance like brooding.

In the best traditions of Aquillo, SOHN, and Amber Run, CLUBHOUSE brings the emotions right up to the fore, with utter talent and arrangement acumen that you’d hope a band of this caliber would.

The band stated: “’Haunt You’ is a pop dance anthem about embracing a sense of confidence through all of the post-breakup emotions. It’s about letting go of lingering anxiety and accepting that person is seeing other people, while knowing they’ll never have what they used to.”

With supple undulations and calm aesthetics, the bubbling incantations, burst with pride and prejudice, with calculated exposition. Whilst incumbent on the latter premonitions of days and nights past, the light and dark of story telling inquisitions, investigate with rather big ambitions. The combination of which delivers with pomp and circumstance, with magisterial fervor, with mahogany tasting poignancy.

After a year-long hiatus while lead singer Max Reichert undergoing treatment for Osteosarcoma, CLUBHOUSE is more ready to share their works, than ever before.

Let’s do this.

We can’t wait to find more from this fascinatingly fab band.

The Ohio originating band, consists of Max Reichert, Ari Blumer, Zak Blumer, Ben Saulnier, Michael Berthold, and Forrest Weihe.



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