Clubhouse ‘Weekend’ : Refreshing bop, in a pop kind of love.


Refreshing bop, in a pop kind of love, ‘Weekend’ by Clubhouse is a charming residence of groovy guitar and primal lyrics of love and lust. You know what time it is.

“The five of us make music together,” said Clubhouse. “We all come from different backgrounds with different stories, and the songs we write tend to reflect that. We’ll often take something that started as a voice memo on one of our phones, and bring it to life in our home studios with equipment we’ve collected over the years. Whether we can share our music with you at an in-person concert or on Instagram Live in the middle of quarantine, we hope our songs resonate with you just as much as they do with us.”

‘Weekend’ is the song that will take you back to that old summer fling, and make you worry a little less about the rest of your existence.

The band has grown in popularity over the past few years, garnered so far over 3 million streams on Spotify.

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