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Coastlines Shares ‘Neon’. “I met her at a beachfront club in 2011. She was beautiful..”

Pop project COASTLINES is the work of three best friends Brady Lee, Elliott Phillips, and Justin Ginn. And the three makes dreams come true in the realms where they create worlds of love, loss, and sometimes unfathomable conditions in trust.

Working remotely, the three connect from Wisconsin, Texas, and Poland, to produce an interesting array of songs, dedicated to pop and the emotions it can inject to our lives.

‘Neon’ is one of their works, and the retro-synth ballad, drizzled with elements of trip-hop and r&b, it explores ‘darker moments of disillusionment, misplaced feelings of responsibility, and relationships gone awry.’

As the story goes, COASTLINES tells that: “I met her at a beachfront club in 2011. She was beautiful, I was in a relationship. She wanted to take me home, I wanted to get her home safely. She had a drinking problem, I had a problem with feeling responsible. She went on to become an international model and sometimes I see her around on social media and wonder if anyone is looking out for her now. Today was her 22nd birthday and somehow I can’t shake that feeling of responsibility.”

Cool, ain’t it?

Reminiscent, in parts, of a futuristic look at the r&b/pop movement in the 90’s, ‘Neon’ is a beautifully gentle and understated example of what can be done in an offering.

Love flows in this single.



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