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Cobra Man – Weekend Special

Andy Harry and Sarah Rayne, aka. Cobra Man, sings their diddy, Weekend Special. It’s a special treat. A treat for one’s brain cells. A treat for one’s skin cells. A treat for one’s un-grown hair follicles. It’s a damn delicious treat, and we at CHF can’t get enough.

The song seems to be a hate filled diatribe to the opposite sex and life partner. You know, the partner who we hate to see, even in our imagination. You know, the someone who makes us hurl in our mouth a bit, every time his/her name is mentioned.

Or is the song just about a crazy mis-understanding, in a daily list of miscommunication. Even better… during a day of a normal relationship?


We think it’s the prior. But more likely, we got the meaning of the song totally wrong.

Besides the point. Bottom line, we dig it.

We dig the song by Andy and Sarah. We can dig it deep. How deep? 20 feet deep, into the ground, baby. Maybe some fossils can be found there too, while we’re at it. Multi-task.

Anywho, these two are the shiznit (a la early 2000’s hip hop terminology).

We’re fans.

They’re distributed by Goner Records. Seems like a hole in the wall record store, that represents the way THEY want to. Check em out.

Cobra Man

Cobra Man:

Goner Records:


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