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Cocoa Futures Return With New Single ‘Sink in The Water’.

Effervescent beat. That’s what this is all about. Cocoa Futures’ new single ‘Sink In The Water’ is about taking an inherent and artful look inside oneself. The life we lead sometimes go into a ‘rut’. Sometimes we say ‘Enough is enough’. But most likely we all observe the consequences then try to mold a new diatribe of being a ‘living being’. It’s hard. Very hard, sometimes.

Single is available now.

But not all the time. And sometimes we must kick off our shoes, and relax a bit.

“Getting older doesn’t always feel like growing,” he explains. ”It can feel a bit like sinking. There’s nothing inevitable about becoming a better person as you grow up and learn more.”

The art-funk minimalism synth driven work of this song by Cocoa Futures gives us ‘hope’. Not that kind of hope, but the little personal kind that we take with us everyday to the bus in the morning.

That kind of hope gets help from a tune like this.

Light, bubbly, but factual and practical.




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