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Col3man // Louis Futon // Quincy Mumford // Alessia Cara // Matilda Eyre

Col3man – Automatic (feat. Noa Mata)

Don’t you love the airy and refreshing aesthetics of Col3man’s new single ‘Automatic’ featuring NOA MATA? The 21 year old artist/producer Col3man is Gregory Ellis and the Los Angeles based conveyor of thoughts and emotions through notes, does his best in tapping the goodness of a solid relationship. Don’t we need that kind of positivity sometime? We deserve it, for sure. There’s a reason why Gregory’s work is so popular, for it’s just the antithesis of what the world pushes our already stressed live to the brink. Some love is a good thing. Let’s have at it.

Louis Futon – Bad Habits (ft. NoMBe)

LOUIS FUTON’s ‘Bad Habits’ comes at the same time as his announcement for the new upcoming debut album. And this single asks what ‘bad habits’ really are. Like many things in life that are close and personal, vices and abuse of them comes at a personal cost. There’s always a demand to answer to the ones who care for you an about you. The gritty guitar solo takes this often discussed, but brushed aside issue to its core of demands. Louis stated also that “Nombe has such a raw sound, I was excited to work with him and go somewhere I haven’t quite explored musically yet.” Word.

Quincy Mumford – I Gotta Feeling

What can one do. We’re fallible creatures. We make bad decisions. And we all know there are appropriate costs to every action or non-action. It’s that struggle, day-to-day, that sets the stage for QUINCY MUMFORD shows in ‘I Gotta Feeling’. The tug and pull, stresses out the nerves. Will it over burden your sensibilities? “‘I Gotta Feeling’ is a song about tapping into your conscience. The ‘angel and devil’ on your shoulders, that weigh in on every decision you make, good or bad. This song is quite personal and hits home in many ways, how we deal with wanting something we know we can’t and shouldn’t have.” The Asbury Park New Jersey area native will drop his upcoming debut EP ‘Every Wednesday’ soon.

Alessia Cara – Not Today Official Live Performance (Vevo X)

Off of the new upcoming album ‘The Pains Of Growing’ (November 30th) by ALESSIA CARA, the single ‘Not Today’ is demonstrated with absolute decadence in this live performance video. The Toronto based artist, decked out in the them of her new album, instills confidence in the notion of pop music construction with emotive lyrical works. It’s the sweet, on the strawberry of life.

Matilda Eyre – The Calling

As the moonlight pierced the darkening night, he heard her call echoing. The beckoning words that stuck in his head, repeating like the gentle sweeping of the empty desert sky, came to him on a white square handkerchief. It delighted his senses, as he cleared the tears from his now burgeoning heart. “The Calling is a song about our dreams and forgotten truths,” said MATILDA EYRE of the single. “The way we distract ourselves, get wrapped up and abandon our hearts; although like a subtle wind, like an echo from far away, our dreams are calling. That moment when we suddenly realize we’ve gone astray. The Calling is a reminder of all dreams forgotten and a call to step out of your shadows and into the light.”


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