Colby Lapolla ‘Hold the Line’ : A beautifully innocent exchange of sight and sound.

Colby Lapolla

“‘Hold the Line’ is my sophomore release, and I’m humbled to currently be featured on Spotify’s Fresh Finds: Poptronix playlist,” said Colby. “This song feels like a deep breath for me after too long spent holding it. I really got to play around and use elements that make me tick from several styles and genres. This song is masquerading as a breakup song, but it’s really about my relationship with my city, Nashville, and my decision to move to LA this fall. How do you let go of something that has been so instrumental in your growth and development?”

Nashville-based artist and producer Colby Lapolla may be a fresh face, but she’s no stranger to the industry.

She’s been a part of several big pop releases in 2019, as a writer and vocal producer, and is now out to show the world what she can do and what she has to say on a personal level. Inspired by artists and writers like Sasha Sloan, Julia Michaels, and MUNA, Colby weaves together elements from multiple pop sub-genres to create a unique, but familiar sound you can’t quite place.

A beautifully innocent exchange of sight and sound is delivered as we’d expect Colby to give. A sentimental anthem for betterment, ‘Hold The Line’ is a promise to ‘self’, of where the past lies and where the future comes.

Colby would like us to move for better.


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