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COLD PUMAS – Severed Estates

Cold Pumas’ Severed Estates brings out the growl in our stomachs, here at CHF. Ingredients of a punk rock song is all included in Severed Estates – “run-on” hard and repeating heavy chords with “get the heck out of here” lyrics and delivery. It’s what this kind of song is all about, and we love it (as you can tell).

If you had to ask, our stomachs weren’t making the growl noises because we were hungry (well we did eat some awesome Italian heros, with everything on it, including olives – which was a bit suspect on some of us), but because of the head nodding-transforming-into-head-banging nature of this song got to us. Our thoughts were, like, where’s our leather biker jacket? Where’s our wax for our hair do? Where’s our mass produced Sex Pistols posters?

But then reality came and hit us back on the head, then told us to go back to work.

In any case, it’s a fun grind-it-out song.



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