Cold Reading ‘Tree Diagram’ (Official Music Video) : Rousing anthem of goodness and participation.

Cold Reading

Cold Reading offers their 2nd album ‘ZYT’. Concept album, and arguably full of vigor and deepening convection of thoughts, Cold Reading explores the subject of “time both musically and lyrically..”

This indie quintet, hailing from Lucerne, Switzerland formed in 2014 after the dissolution of the members‘ previous musical projects. The band recorded and released their debut full-length ‘Fractures & Fragments’.

Lucid vapors settle down in the carrion of life and bodily questions. And as the answers spool off of the hinges, beads of sweat in anxiety collect for consumption. You think clearer. You react faster. You are stronger.

Rousing anthem of goodness and participation, indeed.

Their long-awaited three-part concept album ‘ZYT’ is out now.


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