Cold Sleep ‘Petal’ : Evocative black metal vibes… is sumptuous.

Cold Sleep

Frontman Robert Macfarlane said Cold Sleep’s single ‘Petal’ is a “sensual song about the downfall of a relationship with a riff that’ll kick your teeth in”. With contrasting vocals, with the ultra sexy grit of metal, the soundscape of ‘Petal’ is tight and never let’s you go.

A mixing vibe of Neil Young throwing down heavy metal comes to mind. And you just get into it. Simple, direct, the song keeps on its throttle and you’re along for the ride. Made of Ash Lee, Rob Macfarlane, and Steve Charlton the evocative black metal vibes from ‘Petal’ is sumptuous. You know it.

See them next @ Grace Emily Hotel, Adelaide Australia on February 13th.


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