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Cold Weather Company // Tommy Ocean // Cold Bath // David McFarlane // Samuel Proffitt & Yoke Lore

Cold Weather Company – Do No Harm

COLD WEATHER COMPANY is remarkable. So emotive, brilliant in songwriting, captivating in arrangement – the band knows how to develop and encapsulate the feelings, pains, frustrations of a gone by relationship. The fantastic New Jersey band is a combination of Radiohead, Cold Play, and Muse, with driving piano from frontman/singer Steve Shimchick: “‘Do No Harm’ is essentially the sequel to our song ‘Clover’… both inspired by different stages of the same exciting, yet fleeting relationship. Where “Clover” was written during the whirlwind, with those feelings of optimism and hope that a lasting resolution could be found, “Do No Harm” was written after the flame was snuffed.” The band will be all over the nation soon, guaranteed. On January 23rd, they’ll be playing at the Mercury Lounge, celebrating their album’s release on January 25th.

Tommy Ocean – The Present

Lucky to be in love. When she is the perfect girl for you. When he is the perfect guy for you. There’s nothing that can match the compatibility. And everything in the world, matches to everything that is in front of your endeavors. The sky, the animals, the trees, the house, the car, the guitar, the weather, the sun, the clouds, the streets, work, career, kids, marriage – the things of regular life, becomes extraordinary when in love. TOMMY OCEAN from Germany, continues his fab folk song writing.

Cold Bath – Common Days

‘Common Days’ is COLD BATH’s first single from the Swiss artist’s upcoming album ‘Something Left’. The incredibly fabulous single is refreshing in every way, with whimsical ironies mixed up with growing up confusion and angst. The single demonstrates the tarnished emotions of a soul drifting through the corners of a life, so normal. But it’s not normal. When normalcy becomes the average, all just falls into a confined frame of un-uniqueness and indistinguishability. And that’s boring and unforgivable. Look out for COLD BATH. The band consists of: CJ Nicholson, Alex Merlin, Baptiste Paracchini, and Jeremy Spagnolo. They will be a phenomenon soon.

David McFarlane – Miss Kubelik

DAVID MCFARLANE’s single ‘Miss Kubelik’ is a Universe unto itself, with lush guitars, longing vocals, and Brit-Rock like stabilities. All of the gears turn, as the music continues to hemorrhage your decidedly fantastic dream on dreams. “I started to realize that the douchebag executive types portrayed in the movie very closely resembled our current climate of leadership, socially, politically, etc..” David is what soft-rock should be, in the modern era. With undertones, settled in the mists of the valley of the mind, we squelch at the thought of the better. It will come, soon enough. David promises.

Samuel Proffitt & Yoke Lore – Stringnoise

“‘Stringsnoise’ was written at a snow-clad cabin in Maine,” Proffitt explains, “it was a sub-two-minute banjo demo Adrian (Yoke Lore) had written with vocals recorded through his MacBook’s built-in microphone.” In the age of the Internet, it is fascinating how music is built, almost at a whim. But the kind of weight and heft each significant works of emotion and communication, SAMUEL PROFFITT & YOKE LORE brings in this single, skips ahead of the curve. With few lines of words, the combination of delicate floral ambience, takes you on a journey we don’t want to return. And that’s a good thing, don’t you think? Close your eyes.


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