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Coley Garratt Shares ‘English Gothic’. “Dangle up in an alter for all of us to admire and smile.”

COLEY GARRATT steps inside the riches of the heart and dictates them in words and in song. The vibes taken, dangle up in an alter for all of us to admire and smile, in regards. The Americana/folk artist from England, delivers his key notes in the tradition of psalms from the old country, with the modernity of empathy that we all deserve to hear.

His deep love of poetry, philosophy and mysticism (Pope, Shakespeare, Ted Hughes, Schopenhauer, Wittgenstein, Huxley and the Tao Te Ching to name just a handful), seeps dynamically from the pours of his talents and manifest soundly and cogently into the forefront our minds…then hearts.

The labor of writing songs has been his core love for a long time, and you can feel it in his final outputs.

His debut self-titled EP is available now as a 5 song collection.



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