College Elite ‘Stupid Questions’ : Let’s keep asking for the betterment.

College Elite

College Elite is the new music project from Joshua William. And with ‘Stupid Questions’. It is the second release from College Elite, and already shows a vastly different side to the indie rock outfit from the anthemic and pounding ‘Disaster’, released in September.

Joshua said: “This is the most honest song I’ve ever written, I still play with my hair too much and it goes greasy, I still put too much milk in cereal and end up with a load of just milk in the bowl at the end and I still haven’t gotten over lying in bed when I really should be out doing stuff. I initially wrote this song with for a pop punk band I was in around 3 years ago, we could never agree on exactly how to perform it. It’s been reworked a lot since then, but this is the song which convinced me that I could go it alone as a solo artist and perform the song how I felt it should be.”

With engrossing tides to the vibes that beckon, ‘Stupid Questions’ is the ultimate question of self-examination and ambition. And without ambition, there is no inquiry, and no ways forward.

Added Joshua: “The idea with College Elite is that it’s the most authentic version of music that I love, lo-fi indie rock and this song is the most genuine reflection of me.”

The ‘Stupid Questions’ is not that. It’s all about asking when if you need to know. As your earlier childhood teachers may have taught you, “There is no stupid question, but only stupid answers.”

Let’s keep asking for the betterment.


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