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Collidoscope // The By Gods // Divide and Dissolve // BERG // Death Rut

Collidoscope – Head & Shoulders

‘Head & Shoulders’ featuring Pandasaywhat is where it’s at. Collidoscope is a band formed on the perpetual desire to bring something new to the table. Seventies funk, glitch-hop beats, big bass lines, rap, spoken word, and live instruments makes Collidoscope that unpredictable. But one thing’s certainly predictable – that they bring the good times, every time. The Denver based group consists of talented artists Hank Brigham, James Hatch, and Jakub Muhle. They bring in ‘Head & Shoulders’ a classic ‘flex’ single that is with tinges of reggae, funk, ol’ school hiphop/rap rhymes. On top of that is plenty of genuine attitude to flavor it to perfection. Party time? Yes, indeed. It’s Collidoscope time.

The By Gods – Eureka

Nashville, Tennessee residents The By Gods are born from a potent blend of musings on small-town religion, terrorist attacks, depression, and guilt. George Pauley stated: “This is the first single we’ve put out since our last record, Move On, in 2017. Some terrible things happened right at the release of that record and everything just needed to be put on hold and things have been slow to pick back up. I wrote like 35+ songs as I reflected and processed everything. We reached back out to our friend and producer Alex Newport (Death Cab For Cutie, Bloc Party, At The Drive-In, City and Colour) who produced our last album. We worked through all of the songs together and went in to record a bunch of them. He really pushed us to try new things in the studio and it was some very good therapy for me. We’re happy to get these songs out to the world.” Smooth and gliding garage-punk innuendos flow from the lyrics of The By Gods, and by god, heck that’s good listenin’. From vocals to the deliberate bass, and to the gentle heaves of the guitar and thumping resonance of the drums, the band has it locked in fabulousness. No wonder so many want a piece of the action. You should want your piece of them too. The colorful drudgery of life, never felt so punkin’ good. See them next @ Brooklyn, NY’s Gold Sounds on October 23rd.

Divide and Dissolve – Prove It

Ambient drone duo Divide and Dissolve release ‘Prove It,’ the bone-crushing first single from their upcoming 2020 album, titled ‘Gas Lit’. A pummeling barrage of guitar and drums ‘Prove it’ ask listeners to live out their allyship and disrupt institutional oppression. ‘Prove it’ is unapologetic doom metal that’s not afraid to get confrontational. The duo of Takiaya Reed (saxophone, guitar, live effects) and Sylvie Nehill (drums, live effects) who said: “’Prove It’ is an existential experience of remembrance. An exclamation that we would like to observe a radical shift in the current paradigm of complacency in regards to oppressive power dynamics, genocide, racism, white supremacy, and colonisation. ‘Prove it’ aims to give weight and validation to voices that are traditionally misrepresented and criminalised before given a chance to speak. The undoing of anticipated failure and negative outcomes.” The Melbourne area based outfit is a kick in you bollocks and it is also that faint hint of acceptance for this grand Universe. Both traumatic at the time, but majestic in the long run. The vigil for what is, isn’t that interesting. Everyone gets to view it. Looking into the golden crystal ball – in this case of the Divide and Dissolve kind – your pupils get wider and the light of life gets to relive inside your mind, the way should have, from the beginning. It’s twisted, but of truth. Two innovative musicians, ripping the fabric of the cosmos.

BERG – Take Off Your Disguise

BERG is Alexandra Berglöf and she was born in Stockholm, Sweden. BERG grew up on a houseboat docked next to an amusement park. At the age of 5, she began intensive piano lessons under the strict supervision of a Romanian concert pianist. By 13, she was performing in concert halls around Stockholm. We’d said of her prior: “A chance that materialized, that felt insignificant at the time, was fleeting. A crossroad of decisions, come at us from every direction in life, and many times – when push comes to shove – we make the other turn of the corner.’ See her next @ Rockwood Music Hall, NYC on November 25th. BERG is as sentimental and romantic as the rest of us…peers into the shadows of what had been. But at the end of it all, we get to realize that things don’t have to stay the same. A dynamically flowing offering ‘Take Off Your Disguise’ is another side of BERG that shimmers.

Death Rut – Sleepyhead

“It is a song about my friend who was very sad at her job, and my attempts to make her feel better. At first doing the wrong things, and then learning what worked to take her mind off of everything..” Connor Hutton out of Oklahoma makes songs like this. Jangly, irreverent, gnostic, and (oddly enough) full of pride, ‘Sleepyhead’ is a tale of a person growing and maturing through trial and error, with all of the best of intentions a person can muster. It’s the journey. It’s the fight. It’s the memories of the bad, versus the upcoming good. A battle of good vs. the indignant. Death Rut makes Connor whole in ways that he knows and not yet examined. Death Rut makes music that makes listeners whole, with off the beaten path rattle and hum, drizzled with affectionate lyrics, layered in the good humor of the author. It’s a great time, with a good person. Artistic and searching for the future, we think we all should take a ride into that horizon to find out what’s ahead, with Death Rut.


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