Collin Selman Shares ‘$ELLophane’. “Tantalizing step into narrowing that gulf.”

Many a times, we the public just don’t know where artists come from. There is an initial disconnect, natural it maybe (for we’re strangers), the gulf doesn’t begin to narrow, right away from listening to that particular single.

Par of why a single exists is to alleviate the formalities and offer a will in breaking down that wall of awkwardness and pause.

And sometimes, it’s the polar opposite.

COLLIN SELMAN is a young gent and music crafter from the state of Texas. He makes pop endeavors, exploring the obvious but not too obvious environment – which he lives through. And in his lastest single form his upcoming publication, his single ‘$ELLophane’ demonstrates a tantalizing step into narrowing that gulf.

The erudite and compulsory radiance is marked in his single, with pot-marks of past truths and stories, in part. But the thrust of his argument – his thesis – in ‘$ELLophane’ dedicates to the ‘loves’ or ‘loves-to-be’, in the near and into the future. A forest of thoughts are placated succinctly and as Collin drizzles through his alt-pop goodness, we get lost in that forest – on purpose.

That gap becomes narrower, even further.

And as the oddity is absorbed, you realize you’ve become acquainted with Collin.

You say your salutations.

And then put up your feet in admiration.

We’re looking forward to what else Collin will offer next.



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