Color Fields Covers Billie Eilish’s ‘Everything I Wanted’ : Cosmic elevation of sounds, intimate and immediate. Emotive contradictions.

Color Fields

Billie Eilish’s Grammy Nominated song ‘Everything I wanted’ is a powerful and beautiful song. And when the crushing talents of Color Fields, came to cover such a piece, you know you’re in for a great pleasure.

COLOR FIELDS is John Torres (guitar, bass, vocals, production) and Scott Packham (keyboards, synthesizers, programming, production). The project delivers a cosmic elevation of sounds, intimate and immediate, for the emotive contradictions of our lives and living ambitions.

Though their catalog can amble between electro-indie rock, modern pop, EDM, and dance, the common thread throughout is the successful yet unexpected incorporation of John’s voice within the mesmerizing sonic landscape that Scott so skillfully produces.

Putting another layer of melancholy and feelings of evaporation (compared to the original), the jazzier injection of this version, is tangy, robust, delicious, and engaging. The subtleties and nuance of Billie’s vocals, amplify beautifully through the interpretation of John’s vocals, and glides into a new dimension of what could have been.

Except, it’s here. The version of Color Fields, is here for you to embrace.

It’s simply a fabulous adaptation.


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