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Color TV – Night After Night

Sometimes life feels like a big chunk of clay. It’s there, it’s going to get made into something, and it’s going to be beautiful. But, at the moment, it’s just a big brick of clay. And sometimes, one needs a song like ‘Night After Night’ from Color TV to get the juices flowing.

And it does.

Imagine this.

There is a movie named “Juice”. It features notable actors like Tupac Shakur (plays Bishop) and Omar Epps (plays Q). A tale of coming of age, with violence, love, hatred, madness, and betrayal – coming through at the end, just a bit more scarred and bruised, grown up.

The movie is simple, effective, and a cool movie.

But for the character ‘Q’, played by Epps, was in that ‘chunk of clay’ phase of his life.

Things seemed dull, and not progressing fast enough for him – especially his DJ musical career.

All that changes, when a megalomaniacal friend (Bishop) abuses his earthly powers, things changed.

And sometimes there needs a moment that gets the ‘juices flowing’.

‘Night After Night’ does that for us, here and now.

Interested, and weirded out.

Forboding, and impetuous.

Megalomaniacal, and cool.

That clay will be molded. In what fashion? Who cares, right?

Anywho, the movie ‘Juice’ isn’t for everyday.

‘Night After Night’ isn’t for every moment.

But heck.

They both surely does excite us when turned on.

We dig. Lots.

And you should try out Color TV.

Their latest ‘Paroxeteens’ is out and available.


They’re rep’ed by Neck Chop Records, in Fullerton CA.



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