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Colorado Shares ‘Fall Down’. “Remarkably combine sensibilities from the glorious to the magnanimous.”

Pop / synth duo COLORADO remarkably combine sensibilities from the glorious to the magnanimous. The chills of their vocals, to the organic and digital mark-ups of their sound, are both retro and future. With 2 EPs and many, many concerts under their belt, their debut album has dropped.

From reading their social and general information about the duo, they are two humble individuals with massive ambitions for what they just love to do. Here’s their dedication note on FB after the album drop. It s a series of artist, industry pros, friends, and their parents for helping them come to this juncture in their professional careers.

“Thank you to those who participated in making this album and to those who support us from the beginning: Guillaume Dupont, Jean Sylvain Le Gouic, Clément L’apiculteur, Victor Solf, Manceau, Timsters, Sęb Dave Richard Ügùēt, Julien Vignon, Clémentin Diard, Mathéo Favrel, Elephant & Castle, Jean-Anaël Aubaux, Bast Oche, Olivier Rigout, Sébastien Teti, Nicolas Kauffmann, Nicolas Kauffmann, Nicolas Kauffmann, , Alter K, Julien Courtois, David Tontonstourneurs, Patrick Mattes, Kyle Platts, Noémie Le Calvez, Océ Ééé, Gaétan Nael, Antipode Mjc, Antipode Mjc, Antipode Mjc, Antipode Mjc , Jj Toux, Marynn Gallerne, Jean Louis Brossard, Jean Michel Boinet, Anthony Leliard, Lutin De Chantier, Vincent Roux, and our dear parents!”

When you listen to the drip promo of the singles, it is quickly obvious that their vision of art and ambitions shine deeply and warmly to their audience and fans. The fancy of nu-funk delight at the tips of every single, as they traverse into new and flexible amalgams of notes and sonic entanglements. There’s just true dance and shimmer with the singles, including in this song ‘Fall Down’.

It’s been 1 year since their first EP ‘Wind and Movement’. And the projection to stardom has been exact and predictably grand.



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