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Colten Hallam // Riotron // bensnburner // Best Mann // Miesha & The Spanks

Colten Hallam – 92 in September

“I wrote this song in around mid-to-late September of 2018 after looking at the weather app, seeing “92°,” and immediately deciding it could be a song.” Curiosity in the sweeps of life, as your own life is fleeting by, is what Colten Hallam brings to his song making acumen. And in this single, the valiant vibes shimmer off of the condensing walls of inquisition and vision. Colten continued: “Really, this track is about the changing of the seasons and the transformations within myself and my life that come along with that. From hot to cold, from lost connections to newfound love, change is magical and complex. “Change of seasons can’t bring me back to you,” is a final affirmation that I will not go back to the high-heated, destructive relationship/situation I that was in before.” Things freeze. Sometime you must thaw once more to live – and love – once more. Colten is 17 years old, and he’s on his way.

Riotron – I’m Sorry (On and On)

‘I’m Sorry’, released mid-September, receiving airplay in multiple countries is a politically charged dance rock record inspired by politics and the sharp emotional divide found in communities around the world. Inspired by the 80s new wave genre, Riotron combines styles like dance-rock, electronic synth-pop, and even some jazz. Jeff Fettes is the writer for this delicate but beautiful single. The 80’s color are thick and light in ‘I’m Sorry’, but the oddly indie vibes mix seamlessly with what the fabulous chorus offers up. With danceable innuendos and a wink-and-a-nod to the bodies that seek that same truth of life and lust – we bop with full attention and interest. As you should too.

bensnburner – do we give a damn?

Second promo video for the upcoming release of the full album “noclip” on September 27th, recorded in a big, empty hangar in the south of germany. the album ranges from ambient to experimental, heavily influenced by video games, movies and pop-culture. bensnburner is the project of bassist and producer Ben Krahl. Since his debut album 2012 the project changed from one-man home-recording to an interdisciplinary networking of different artists. Oddities in perfection. That’s what bensburner’s goals are with the project. A cylindrical cauldron of sound in effect; sound in action; melting of sight in the grotesquely insane. Out of the best traditions of heavy-metal, ambience, world, and classic rock, the moons align as the blood curdling screams of silence, never awakes with ‘do we give a damn?’

Best Mann – MST

From the ‘Sky’ LP by Best Mann (aka Nate Mondschein) comes the single ‘MST’. With jazzy vibes, and molasses bass notes, the indie-folk pop single casts a note of solace and comfort, when those are not deserved. A passing of Nat’s friend and former bandmate, draws upon the will of his inner being to focus. But he could not. Nate could not rationalize and accept that she was gone. Forever. It ate away at his core, day to day, night after night. It effected his being, on this earth. And the Sky LP, “MST” fixates on the small moments: scrolling through old photos in hopes of a different ending, waking up to the sound of wings, briefly certain of her return. But to no avail. Half a year of suffering. Maybe a dedication to her, his friend, in that final goodbye. Beyond Best Mann, Nate’s work as a songwriter, producer, and performer has been featured in a variety of publications, including The New Yorker, Afropunk, NEPR, Okayplayer, The Deli Magazine, and many more.

Miesha & The Spanks – The Girls Are O.K.

Based in Treaty 7 Territory, Miesha & The Spanks have been making a name for themselves as Calgary’s louder-than-you-might-think, non-stop touring machines. Miesha created The Spanks back in 2008, which offers a specific brand of rock grown from her punk rock roots and nurtured by her own experiences and story-telling. With bandmate, sean hamilton, by her side, Miesha rocks on like the world is in a whirl. With gathering vocals of sweet and spice, ‘The Girls Are O.K.’ strongly suggest that there is a storm front a-brewing in from the west of the ridge. That ridge, if it’s in your virtual mind, will collaps into helter-skelter if you don’t absorb the energy Miesha’s putting down. So raise your head high, babies. Because the rough ‘n tumble, energy driven garage-rock toting, sassy talking’, dirty riffin’, pounding drummin’ works of the band is here to make your day.


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