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Colton McKinney Shares Single ‘.world’. Sad But Maybe Truth.

Deep. Sullen. Desperate. Longing. COLTON MCKINNEY is an artist who crafts slivers of delight into the saddest singles of lost loves, lost words. Self-incriminating in the handcuffed mindset of the protagonist, in his single ‘.World’, the doubts in guessing about the discussions and relations between, seep out of the neatly canned box, like the puffs of smoke in horror films of old.

The gentle tones of tones of the song is contrasted by the bubbling inquisitiveness underneath.

And what’s underneath, could be nothing. Or everything.

Colton is a young musician who isn’t overall sad in his real life. He enjoys it everyday with his friends and his music. But just like everyone else in the world, we mask our deepest trepidations and angsts. And crafting music makes things a bit better. And sometimes smiling and being quirky helps too.

And at CHF, those kind of realities work in unison, and we dig that when it’s left for strangers to examine, for better or for worse.



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