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Columbia Mills Share New Single ‘This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home To Me’. Debut Album May 4 (UK).

Columbia Mills comes at us with their new single ‘This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home To Me’. And they advise we know what to do, and we should just go for it. Don’t crawl into the darkness. “We can do it TOGETHER” they profoundly shout at your soul. And we listen.

The single is in support of the new debut album ‘A Safe Distance To Watch’ (May 4).

The gentle tap of her fingers on that very table, silent, than larger than life, became a focus of his gaze. The lighted visage of her flowing hair up against and contrasting the brilliance framed by the big window, was more than he could take. His throat was dry from anticipation. Her cheeks so soft. His thoughts bounced from one corner of the Earth, up to the next. He was afraid his sensibilities will phase and black out. He was in love.

He first saw her at the dawn of the school year. She immediately stamped an impression on him. Her smile got to him, to be honest. And the way she carried herself, the way she interacted, and the way she sometimes was ‘awkward’ was too good to deny.

The spring session was a blast. The joy of being next to her, in the same vicinity, was good enough for Ralph. He was inspired, like Picasso was inspired by the world of his ‘own’. And he knew what it was. Finally. He had made himself of what he was, what he cared for, and what his, dare say, efforts to care, was to manifest.

She left the school for another country end of the year. The dropping leaves on those brown trees, helped him recognize his inactions. It was too late.

Every day, he regrets not talking with her. Linora never left his heart, and mind – for he’d let himself and her down. The love of his past self and the love of his future soul felt neglected.

Like the love of ‘Ralph’, band frontman Fiachra Treacey wrote this single to help bring awareness to the ‘burgeoning homeless’ challenge in Dublin, Ireland. It’s his compassion that drove him to write this song. ‘Home’ is where you make it, but taking the chance to care, protect, love, and support could become a calling of a lifetime.

“This City Doesn’t Feel Like Home to Me is a song about feeling left out or ignored in your own environment. When we started out it was very hard for a band like us to get anywhere in such a small City as Dublin. We would busk to make money to record our songs, and when you busk in Dublin, you are in amongst the homeless people. We would share our takings and they would congregate around us as a family. In essence they were begging and so were we. I talked to a lot the homeless people and figured that they too had been left out of society but obviously in a more horrific way. The homeless problem and the housing crisis in Dublin is shocking and only getting worse.”

Don’t let that chance to speak to that love of your life, pass you by.

Don’t let the challenges of homelessness, fester.

The single is the latest to emerge from their impeccable ‘A Safe Distance To Watch’ album, available in the UK on 4th May 2018.


Tue 24 Apr-18 – Sebright Arms – London
Fri 27 Apr-18 – King Tuts – Glasgow


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