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Coma Cinema – Eventually

We’re not sure who Ryan Wilson, whom the album is dedicated to. We sure would have wanted to know. Seemed like he was a very good fellow to him. For the emotions on the album is high, candid, and forthright. There are many chapters and verses, separated by each song, and the motivation around the dedication connection was poignant to us. Coma Cinema’s Eventually is one of those (uni)verses, which took us on a cool and sultry ride through self reflection, future doubts, and ‘no point to it all’ attitudes.

It comes through, significantly.

And the best way to hear what’s being told is to read the lyrics, short and wide.

as my whole world comes down around me
show me no pity as i ease
into a suicidal laughter

with the setting sun, my father’s gun is whispering

and as my family dies from cancer
i am teary-eyed and weak
i’m not weary of disasters

the end is numb, for everyone, eventually

and as my friendships are decaying
and we’re all waking from the dream
this dying day just ain’t worth saving

so i hide away, in my poison brain, trying to sleep

Mathew Lee Cothran is the name of the artist behind Coma Cinema and his efforts and output has been steady and consistent, melodramatic dripped with honest intentions of thought and thought provocations.

It’s a shame that he’ll not manifest himself as ‘Coma Cinema’ any longer, but hope to see/hear him in other ways in the near future and beyond – in addition to Elvis Depressedly.

Let’s see.



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