Come at the King ‘Overgrown’ : Simple. Dangerous. Power. Garage. Ballad.

Come At The King

Cal, Laurence and Max together are Come at the King. Rock n’ Roll, indie-rock, post/garage – the band encompasses the best qualities of such mega genres and puts it to great use in their simple and dangerously thrusting single ‘Overgrown’ power ballad.

The London bringing British attitude to the 01 garage rock revival and blues rock, with influences from bands like White Stripes, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Strokes. The band has filled out some of London’s most iconic venues with an explosive live sound and memorable, energetic performances.

“Something a bit different from our usual in-your-face, bluesy rock and roll – a big, epic, inspiring tune about growing up but always staying young at heart. We had planned to start playing this alongside our run of shows over these few months, so now have a completely unheard track for our fans.”

‘Overgrown’ is exactly that. Live your life, as you deem it to be. Never trying to lose your child within, as you get older and more cynical with every step.

Lessons to be remembered, daily.


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