COMEDY: July GBP’s ‘The Last Laugh Comedy Show’ Brings Out The Laughs. Bang, Bang!

Kasey Coresh, Zach Breheney, Linette Palladino ⓒ comeherefloyd

In the month of July, GHOST BEAR PRODUCTION (GBP), had 2 ‘Last Laugh Comedy Show’. Bang, bang! And as always, the comics curated by the organizers brought the laughs and the talents the show fans have come to expect.

The attendance of the shows have been slowly and consistently been growing. That’s good news. And another part that has been growing has been the ‘energy’ of the crowd, and the participants.

The first ‘The Last Laugh Comedy Show’ @ LITM in downtown Jersey City produced by GBP had been in January of 2018. It was a small start, as any realistic expectation of a new show would demand. But the two organizers, Sean and Josh, just wanted to do something very positive and something that they enjoyed doing.

Carousing and working with peers was the core of the project, and from our CHF point of view has so far achieved just that. The forum of the venue and participation from the comics has been a fabulous co-existence. The winners had been the fans of the comics, and for the folks who were just ‘curious’ about what a stand-up comic show was like.

It’s a good time.

The location is intimate.

The comics are well, funny.

And the atmosphere is something we all should dig.

Let’s keep celebrating.

Kasey Coresh, Zach Breheney, Linette Palladino ⓒ comeherefloyd
Christopher Stanley, Nicole Halsey, Ryan Roman ⓒ comeherefloyd
Joe Fernandes, Marcus Givan ⓒ comeherefloyd
Nate Bennett, Rachael Parenta ⓒ comeherefloyd
Tania Lewis, Georges Garcon Jr ⓒ comeherefloyd

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